Kindertoneel Westerpark provides theaterclasses for 4-12 year olds. We think it is important to develop creativity. Especially in these times, were we do not know what crafts and jobs our kids in the future will perform. Exploring and developing are our keywords.The regular classes are on wednesdays.

Regular classes:

For the 4-6 year olds (14.45-15.30) we focus on movement and imagination, in both abstract and concrete ways. Inventing worlds, performing knights or fairies, but also working with concepts like form, weight, big and small. L.N.P.

The 6-8 year olds (15.30-16.45) learn the basics of theater. Physical acting, improvisation with movement and text, making short scenes. They develop movement qualities,  coördination, physical awareness and teamwork. And having fun!

For the 9-12 year olds (16.45-18.15)  we add (physical) character and some more technical work. The children are creating more scenes together, work with text, and watch and reflect on eachother’s scenes, next to exercising the above mentioned qualities.

Creative writing (18.15-19.00u) learns children the basis writing techniques, with a focus on playfullness and various forms of writing.

The teacher

Simone de Jong (main teacher) was educated at the AHK, mime-opleiding and Academie voor kleinkunst as a performer and teacher. As a teacher she has over 20 years of experience with children, a.o. at Buitenkunst and the NKT theaterschool.

She worked as a performer at Orkater, Het Hoofd and with Dick Hauser. Since 2015 she has her own company and directs performances for children. Next to that she writes novels for children. See also